Inside a museum on traditional Arab baths

Being the busy albéytares that they are, my friends have spent little time crossing off the touristy must-sees of their city. They arrive in town right before the start of classes, and leave as soon as they finish their final exams. This is why, even though they are in their fifth and final year of university, the first time I saw the sites was also the first time they too had visited these attractions.

One of the city’s famed patios

Magnificent detail in one of the only synagogues in the whole country

Another photo of the Arab baths

Jockeys were training their horses as we wandered in and around the magnificent stables of the Caballerizas Reales (Royal Stables)

Next, we spent the remaining chunk of the afternoon in the gardens of the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos. There were so many photo ops that I highly recommend a trip to these gardens if you ever get the chance to visit Córdoba.

Entering the paradise of the Alcázar

Which path should we take first?

Fish swam circles in the many pools

Although the orange trees no longer flowered, there was plenty of other flora

More statues, pools, and flowers

I promised you a photo op

Climbing to the top of the fortress gave us a different view

The same pools and trees, this time from above

Outside of the gardens once again, we crossed a long bridge which gave views of old windmills

We ended our walk by pausing for tea at a traditional teahouse

The server told us we had to pour the tea into a glass and back through the lid of the teapot three times for health, love, and…well, I don’t remember the third reason. It was probably luck, though my own didn’t feel too shabby.

Our grupito: Jose, Lidia, me, Cindy, and Antonio