Hogar Dulce Hogar

Sol, Huertas, La Latina, Embajadores, Ópera, Tribunal, Chueca

If given one more week I could scour every barrio in Madrid in search of the perfect living cube. In my imperfect (albeit enlightening) search, I saw a total of nine apartments. I networked like a fool. I have been interviewed so long that my visit lasted an hour and half. I have seen a toilet that needed to be flushed. I was shown a room in which the current occupant was asleep in his skivvies on what the owner enthusiastically pointed to as my future bed. I have walked around an apartment while the dueño entertained himself with the T.V. I have met some truly eccentric souls. I saw an apartment where the owner was dating one of the occupants. I sat on a bed that was really  a collection of mattresses stacked four deep. I have seen an apartment from 1885 complete with ceramic floor tiles, a statue, and a thimble-sized view of Plaza Mayor. I saw prospective neighbors coaxing marijuana from a pot. I have seen fluorescent lights and smelled cigarette smoke and been offered exactly one glass of water. I saw nine apartments total, and tonight I had to make a decision about where I would stay.

A street between the barrios of Embajadores and Lavapiés

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  1. Kay Maize

    Cassandra – we are really enjoying your blog – I love your written expression and your photography. Glad you and Kara have created fun times together. Kay and Paul Maize

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