I have recently concluded that, when in a city, it is better to exercise near a park than to play frogger with bellicose taxi drivers.

(Am I wise for my years or what?)

In pictures, this is where I come to jog.

The area borders Parque del Oeste, an area which is a scant 15-minute walk from my apartment.

As you can see, there is a lot of urban life to the east of the park. I have to cross some stoplights, but nothing too impeding.

And, on the way back downhill, I can stop and cool down while looking out on the Templo de Debod. It is especially striking during sunset, but worth a pause during any time of day.

And here is yet another view from the park, this time with the city’s cathedral in the distance.

It’s a nice place to stretch, take deep breaths, and prepare for the walk home.

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  1. Purexplorer

    I believe your trail has our running trail beat to smithereens.

  2. Cassandra

    No no, quite the opposite! I´d much rather run in the woods.

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