Tunnel of globes: art installation at Madrid’s Casa de América

Casa de América, November 1.

My pal Jorge was in town for the long weekend, and we made plans to get coffee. Coffee turned into an art walk after he heard about Otras Miradas at Casa de América, a museum which spotlights Latin American creativity. This specific exhibit featured work from female Mexican photographers in the art’s early years, with the pieces dating back to 1872. The photographs surprised and saddened, depending on the year and subject. There were serious self-portraits, still life and light studies, and haunting documentations of funerals.

I’ll wager that you don’t want to see my photos of someone else’s photos, even if that someone else is Frida Kahlo. Thus, I’ll spare you the photo-within-a-photo from Otras Miradas and jump back outside to the outdoor installation, a piece entitled Camino Entre Mundo. While its aim is to highlight Serious, Worldwide Political Issues, who can resist smiling when they’re walking through a tunnel of blow-up globos?

This is George. The strange man in the first photograph is not.

If you’re in Madrid, head to Casa de América before Saturday to snap your own pictures in the tunnel of globes. Otras Miradas–also worth a gander–is up through January 15th.

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  1. Haha! Thanks for sparing us those photos! That outdoor installation looks really cool – much more interesting than another shot of Kahlo!

    How’s Madrid right now? As chilly as it is here in Extremadura?

    • Cassandra

      Madrid has been rainy and cold! I haven’t left my house without my umbrella in days. And–Extremadura! Mérida is high on my travel wishlist this year.

  2. I want to visit the tunnel of globes! I laughed at the line, “This is George. The strange man in the first photograph is not.” It was like you read my mind! haha

  3. Cassandra

    I thought I’d clarify, haha!

    George started chuckling after he snapped pictures of me in the tunnel–turns out that the same guy kept appearing in the background of nearly all of my photos!

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