Postcard from June

Postcard time! It’s about time I brought this blog up to speed on June goings-on. (And, let’s be honest, anything post-2012.)

Since the last time I’ve checked in to WordPress, I’ve:

Put in a lot of long hours on many different final projects

Survived, along with Victoria, the workload for the Master’s degree in Bilingual and Multicultural Education while juggling demanding teaching practices

Visited Cervantes’ hometown one final time for university-related business (Read: I won’t ever have to tote my laptop there ever again!!)

Completed the practice teachings for my TEFL certificate

Graduated from TEFL school

Busy month? Yes, indeedy. I’ll write more soon, but for now I’m enjoying the new-found freedom of summer.



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  1. Shana

    y ahora qué??

  2. WELL DONE! You survived! 🙂

    Love, Mot

  3. Mazel Tov dude, savor your new freedoms

  4. Cassandra

    @Shana – Me quedo en Madrid!! Luego hablaré más de esto, lo prometo 😉

    @Mot – Thank you! I am so relieved I’m giddy. Time for vacation!!

    @Dan – Gracias + the same to you!

  5. Congrats on getting your TEFL! That’s a very useful certification for a world traveller like yourself!

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