Daytrip to Los Molinos

I never posted photos from a preschool excursion to the village of Los Molinos.  Lying between Madrid and Segovia, “Mills” is only about an hour from Madrid on the cercanias train. It’s worth a morning of poking around if you’re making your way through to Cercedilla on cercanías or, even better, possess your own four wheels.

Last of the summer vine

Think the running of the bulls is confined to Pamplona? Think again; these temporary barriers made a short-n-safe appearance for the town’s annual bull-run (“el encierro“).

Take me out to Ball Game Street

The main square was festooned only for the festival; the bunting came down an hour after I snapped this shot.

The town hall, in similar dress

There’s no need to wonder why the slaughterhouse was perched on the edge of town

Another view of the mountains

Even the street sweep had a quaint nature

This fruteria also sold flowers, wine, and other date-worthy accessories

chuches pitstop, anyone?

The majority of residences were houses, not apartments, and thus came with leafy open spaces. The fresh air went down nice and easy, and I arrived back to Madrid energized for starting the school year.

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  1. who the hell painted that macabre Matadero sign?? #smalltownspain

  2. Pretty pretty! And don’t we all wish we had 4 wheels here… cercanias it is!

  3. Cassandra

    Janel – Sounds like you have a bone to pick with ’em 🙂

    Lauren – Do I ever! It’d make exploration so much easier. Speaking of exploring–I heard about Alcalá’s medieval fair from your twitter; thanks for mentioning it! I would never have known otherwise, and my next entry just happens to feature pics from the feria itself.

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