Printed and bound

Don Quijote-approved!

Major May update: My thesis is finished! This afternoon I caught the train to Alcalá de Henares to turn in the paper I began to flesh out in October. There were certainly days when I didn’t think I’d finish, nights when I wanted to bang my forehead against the keyboard, and sunny afternoons I would have preferred to spend outdoors instead of tied to my desk. But this exuberant sense of accomplishment was something I had not felt in quite a while. Today there was a spring in my step, and I was all smiles.

I know I haven’t talked much about this project, but my focus this year has been on incorporating authentic materials–materials designed for native speakers–into the second language classroom. The title of my paper is: “‘Pea Sprouts in Man’s Lung’: Incorporating Authentic Materials to Foster Creativity and Curiosity in the Foreign Language Classroom.” The funky title comes from an activity I created for my students, which is based on a newspaper article you can read here.

While there are still several weeks left to the school year, I aim to blog more consistently over the next few months. Now I understand why friends suddenly disappear when they enroll in a graduate program…

Thanks to everyone who was supportive and cheered me on during this process–it meant a ton!

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  1. Hooray you! I’m finishing up my master’s now, too, and know just how much work it is. Enhorabuena – now go crazy!!!

  2. Don Q…I recognize. Who is the other chap? (I also recognize you.)

  3. Cassandra

    Cat–Thank you! Mucho ánimo to someone who is also working on her Master’s!!

    Pop – That would be Sancho Panza, Quijote’s trusty sidekick. You can read more about him here: . Ps. Glad you recognize your daughter 😉

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! It feels sooo good to turn in big projects like that. I like your title, by the way. It made me curious enough to check out the article, so I guess it worked.

  5. Cassandra

    Thank you! Also, I’m glad to hear that the article title piqued your interest. Hopefully it goes over well with the final readers at the university, too!

  6. Christina

    Congratulations!! I know how hard you worked and you should definitely be filled with a sense of accomplishment. I appreciate the note about understanding why friends suddenly disappear for months (or in my case 5 years!) 😉

  7. Alison

    I’m so happy for you! One step closer to graduation and a relaxing summer.

  8. Cassandra

    Christina – Gracias ! You did get to see me in the midst of all this studying, but I know you could relate without even being here. Mucho ánimo para tus estudios, también!

    Alison – Thank you! You hit the nail on the head–“graduation,” “relaxing” and “summer” were definitely three major motivators in this process 😉

  9. Congrats! The most satisfying feeling ever is looking at your newly bound, shiny thesis. I wrote my undergraduate dissertation last year (and can I just say, I never want to hear about French regional languages again!) and it felt so good to get it printed and bound. Now put it away and resist the urge to look it….because then you start thinking about how you could change one thing or another!

  10. Congrats! I’m subbing at a school that does the program you did and they’re all relieved now to!

  11. Congratulations! I love the feeling when you finally complete a huge piece of work, and hand it in. The title is awesome – I would have been over the moon to do an activity about pea sprouts in lungs when I was learning Spanish! Your students are lucky!

  12. Cassandra

    Thanks guys!!

  13. Congratulations! That’s a huge accomplishment!

    Now I’m curious about the activity you created with that article…

  14. yay!! congrats!! are you planning on staying once the school year ends?

  15. *staying in Madrid. this is what happens when i read blogs over my lunch hour… distracted by my meal.

    • Cassandra

      Haha, no worries Erica! Yes, I am planning in staying in Madrid through the summer and into next year (at least)! 🙂

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