Quinta de los Molinos Park

Spring has sprung! Time to cast aside that bulky jacket, pack up the heavy scarves, and plan picnics in the park. Parque Quinta de los Molinos, to be exact.

Hamatha from Pass the Ham fortuitously posted about the blossoming almond trees on Friday; we had plans to visit on Saurday, and her gorgeous pictures reinforced that NOW was the time to go.

If early March is the month to go, Saturday proved to be THE time. The up-escalator for metro Suanzes was a mad tangle of strollers and bags of snacks as the people buoyed upward, the promise of spring on everyone’s mind.

We had never been to the park before, and seeing it in full almond-blossom glory seemed like a mirage after the desert of winter. Like so many others around us, we folded our coats under our arms and began snapping pictures.

Look ma, no jacket!

We weren’t the only ones enjoying the park (see background)

Stop and smell the roses almond blossoms

Picnic time

Later we spread our blanket in a sunny spot and paused for a picnic lunch. Afterward we kicked off our shoes and spent a few hours reading under the March sun. After the confinement of winter, our time in the sun was glorious. Three cheers for the arrival of primavera!

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  1. Wow! The trees are beautiful! I work right near this park, but I’ve never noticed it before. I must go!

    • Cassandra

      Yes, go soon! Try to go during the week, too, to avoid the weekend rush 🙂

  2. Cindy/Mot

    Looks gorgeous!

  3. Angelica

    Those blossoms are beautiful! We’re finally seeing some sun here in Arkansas. It iced last week! Your post in something I’m envious of!

    • Cassandra

      More ice?! I am extra-thankful for the warm weather now! Want to visit Spain anytime soon? 😉

  4. How lovely! I’m super jealous of your short sleeve weather! A girl can dream…

  5. ahhhh I must see these trees in person! They remind me of my favorite tree – the cherry blossom. 🙂 I’ve never even heard of this park and I’ve lived in Madrid for over a year. I will definitely make an effort to go soon.

  6. Okay, you’ve officially convinced me to go this weekend! This park looks GORGEOUS! I really miss my college campus which is famous for its cherry blossoms – so if I can’t be in Seattle this year to see them in person, these almond trees are definitely the next best thing. Thanks for the recommendation!


    • Cassandra

      Thanks Courtney! Were you able to check otu teh park last weekend?

  7. Such beautiful photos! One of my professors advised us to go last week, but I left for the South on Wednesday and was so bummed I missed the flowers in their prime. I did however see some of the almendros in bloom from the train on the way to Sevilla, so I guess that’s better than nothing! Now I know for next year 🙂

    • Cassandra

      Thanks Julia 🙂 Definitely add this park to your to-do list for next year, I´m kicking myself for not having gone sooner!

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