Reales Alcázares


An artist capturing the beauty of the Alcázar

Reviewing my photos from last week’s jaunt to Sevilla, it became clear that the bulk of my memory card went to documenting the Reales Alcázares. This imposing stretch of land–part palace, part garden, and part museum–magically manages to fit into the center of town, barely a stone’s throw from the equally-impressive cathedral.

See that flower pot? Things just got real.

The Alcázar has a bloody, interesting history (Or, if I were British, I’d say “a bloody interesting history”). Straight from the mouth of my guidebook:

Rulers of Seville have occupied the site of the Alcázar since the time of the Romans. Here was built the great court of the Abbadids, which reached a peak of sophistication and exaggerated sensuality under the cruel and ruthless al-Mu’tadid – a ruler who enlarged the palace in order to house a harem of eight hundred women, and who decorated the terraces with flowers planted in the skulls of his decapitated enemies. Later, under the Almohads, the complex was turned into a citadel, forming the heart of the town’s fortifications.

800 women? Enemy’s skulls?! What were we getting ourselves into?

Although the clouds were ominous and threatened to open at any minute, a valiant line of tourists queued up to get into this UNESCO World Hertitage Site. Andres and I had visited the beautiful Alcázar in Córdoba, and the one in Sevilla turned out to be even grander and more sprawling. Due to rain, we had to cut short our tour of the gardens. Luckily, I snapped these shots before we left:

 Entrance to the royal abode

Asking bulky-camera bearers to take your photo is the way to go

Sevilla’s fav fruit

Fuente de Mercurio

 This fan, in the museum section, has a special capsule for holding poison!

Intricate designs

  Patio de Yeso–if you squint you can almost see a harem!

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  1. LOVE.

    I love seeing pictures as it brings back memories of all the times I spent there when I lived in Sevilla. I can’t wait to go back someday, for now pictures will have to suffice. 🙂

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