‘Rents in España

Weaving through the airport, I was traveling light,

There was nary a backpack nor guidebook in sight.

On the ride back, the items had greatly increased–

I spied three Gambills in Spain, at the very least!

Hark! Who’s there?

Why, it’s the ‘Rents! Here we are, reunited in Madrid.

We also traveled to  Switzerland (above) and Italy (below)

…where we made some new friends…

…saw some idyllic villages…

and enjoyed time in Madrid. Which brings us to day one…

(to be continued)

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  1. You are amazingly clever and thoroughly entertaining. No wonder we had such a good time with you as our guide. Bella!

    • Cassandra


      However, I recognize that you may be slightly biased 🙂

  2. aunt susie

    love the pics. Can’t wait for more!! Looks like they had a great time.

  3. Cassandra

    Thank you, I think they did have a good time (whew)!

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