Although we arrived to Sa Calobra via ferry, I went back to Palma by car. That ride yielded the most spectacular views–and experiences! I found myself clinging to a locked door handle as the white-hot vehicle spun around curve after mountain curve.

At times there was barely enough room for two cars to pass each other

The driver was kind enough to stop the car at several points so that I could snap these shots

It was at this spot that I heard bells which led me to discover goats roaming the hill

This dam was recently built, I’m told

I felt that I saw half of the island on the trip from Sa Calobra to Palma

The landscape, which we saw through the windows of this white van, changed drastically as we traversed the hills

Now that you know we (and the goats) made it out in one piece, I can tell you that the driver had never been on this road–let alone the island–before. Cue a major sigh of relief to reflect the one that I had once we reached the bottom of this mountainous stretch. That being said, if you have the chance to drive from Palma to Sa Calobra (or vice versa), know that the surrounding landscapes are spectacular!