Sevilla 2012

It’s a rainy, dreary day in Madrid, the kind of day when the mere thought of bare feet on cold floor sends a shiver up your spine. I should be dutifully writing the first draft of my thesis, which is due next week. However, it’s hard not to let my thoughts wander south to Sevilla, where I went for a brief visit Thursday and Friday.

Crossing the bridge from Triana. Just look at that sky!

The first day there was gorgeous, nothing at all like the scarf weather we’d left behind. The second day was overcast, clouding our quick vacation with London air.

Cloudy or not, I enjoyed getting a second look at this city, which I visited briefly in 2007. At that time, the metro was being installed, leaving the city disheveled and dirty. The Sevilla I found this year was nothing like what I’d remembered–it was lively, clean, even polished. A few new modern structures had been installed since I last took a paseo here–the most notable being a huge lookout area. The official name of the structure is Metropol Parasol, but locals call it “Las Setas,” which means “The Mushrooms.”  The Alcázar, Barrio Santa Cruz, Plaza de España, and the neighborhood of Triana were also on our to-visit list.

Here is a photo recap of the weekend:

Central Sevilla at night

The cathedral’s nocturnal glow

Plaza de España pit-stop

Same jacket, new views (at the Alcázar)

Patio de Yeso inside the Alcázar

More Alcázar

Climbing the “Setas” for a view of the city

Sevilla from above

The Torre del Oro seen from Triana

More pictures to come…after I get back to eking out this paper.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I cannot wait to get to Sevilla. How well does the metro work there?

  2. Cassandra

    Thanks! We didn’t even take public transportation–we enjoy walking, and the city was easy to get around without it.
    Hope you can make it to Sevilla soon!

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