Chestnuts, carriages, and cathedrals

With horse-drawn carriages, old-style architecture, beckoning lights from tiled bars, families strolling in their finery, and the floating of laughter from private balconies, Sevilla after dark made for a dream-like scene, as if we’d spun back the time machine dial one-hundred years. A film-worthy haze also added to the effect–was it due to fog rolling off the river? It took a few minutes to register that this gauze was not an effect of time travel but rather the smoke emanating from street-side chestnut roasters.

Sevilla was an amazing city to explore at night. Although we only counted one sunset, the maxim of quality over quantity was in full effect.

Have you ever been to Sevilla? What would you recommend for a visit to Andalucía?

MONDAY BONUS: You can check out another one of my shots of Sevilla over at Cat’s Sunshine and Siestas blog– Bartering at the Plaza de España.

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  1. Nice pictures. I love the one with the patio. Those are my kinda places to sit down and enjoy a nice beer and/or meal. I visited Seville last year during the day only, so your pictures make it look a tad different at night. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cassandra

    Thanks, Paul. We spent most of our “relaxing” time across the river in Triana, and I wish we had had more time to while away in these central squares!

  3. What gorgeous photos of Sevilla. I studied there in 2005 and have been back twice (1 day each). This March I’ll be back for 3 whole days and I can’t wait to stroll through all that beauty again. That city makes me melt.

  4. Cassandra

    Thanks, Kara!

    I bet Sevilla was a terrific city to study abroad in. We loved how easy it was to walk around. That, coupled with the laid-back atmosphere in bars and restaurants, must have made the city a great place for socializing, too.

    Hope your trip in March goes swell!

  5. Gorgeous photos! Sevilla is so, so pretty at night. Did you try the roasted chestnuts? They have them in Barcelona too right now on my street corner, and they smell amazing.

    • Cassandra

      Thanks Jessica! No roasted chestnuts for me–I love the smell but dislike the taste. Although that is once what I thought of coffee…

  6. i was OBSESSED with seville. i want to go back!

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