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To celebrate the last night of camp, our collective pat-on-the-back dinner took place beyond monastery walls. The trip there was a good twenty minutes over dirt roads that cut between rolling sunflower fields. The flowers were nearly all dead, and their bowed heads added to the feeling of fortnight let-down.

None of us could feel too dejected, however, when we arrived at a most peculiar building that jarred with the surrounding landscape. Heras Sanz, which I found out later to be the store name, was run by a friendly chap named Emilio. He had a laid out a smorgasbord of local flavors, encouraging us to try tortilla, pâté, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, ham and cheese, blood sausage, and, my favorite, a paste made with codfish and garlic. Dessert brought cheese, melon, cream puffs, and nightcaps. After so many cafeteria fish sticks, the meal was the height of sumptuosity (yes, that is a word).

Good food and great company

No table would be complete without a thick disc of tortilla

There was plenty of wine to go around, as well

The gang’s all here

Margie swats a fly that dared to join our dinner

One of the strongest cheeses I have ever tried. Ever.

From the looks of it, Matt prefered red

Our group also tried fizzy, chilled whites and regional rosés

Hamming it up (er, off)

Day turned to night, and Emilio continued to refill our glasses

How did I almost forget to mention the delish olive oil!?

Click here for more pics from Matt’s blog.

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  1. I think that must be saying something about that cheese because I know you have tried a lot!

    Is that a cucumber in olive oil? Very interesting!!

    p.s. I enjoyed getting your message and I will be writing you back shortly! 🙂

    • Cassandra

      Yes, those cucumber slices are indeed drizzled in olive oil. It made for a pretty presentation.

      I look forward to hearing from you and I’ve got a proposal for a guest post!

  2. I love this entry. I will definitely keep reading your blog!!

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