Espacio sin humo: Prohibido fumar?

Smoke-free area: Smoking Prohibited

(Is that a contented or a skeptical smirk?)

This entry is an update on the smoking ban, which I mentioned briefly in November. In short, the ban works. The were grumbles and complaints, but smokers really do move their butts to the street to light up. ┬áSure, you have to swim through a smoky haze to enter an establishment, but at least you’re not drowning in the stuff during a meal or function. I’ll be curious to hear if the ban actually dissuades people from smoking all together…


But smokers go to the street…That’s the way it is!”

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  1. i was wary of the smoking ban back in january – would it detract from madrid’s characteristic gritty night fever? a couple months later, i’d say the answer is not in any way whatsoever. this from a nonsmoker, however.

    perhaps the only downside is that its now much more noticeable when some establishments smell a little… stale.

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