The Sorrento Shift

It was a miracle we made it to our destination. Between the wedding madness and jetlag, our bodies didn’t recognize north from south. In Rome, the train to Naples took off without us. Once in Sorrento, the receptionist was halfway home before we reached the hotel’s door. We called the receptionist’s cell phone, cobbling together an explanation for the tardiness in broken Italian. We apologized, profusely. Finally, we sat in the dark twirling our wedding rings and wondered, “Is this what a honeymoon looks like?”

Looking out over Marina Piccola

Once we made it inside the hotel, the trip took the shape we had wanted. If it had been a movie, our Sorrento adventure would have been an artsy flick. Any action would take a backseat to two central characters who only amble around town. Oh, and what a beautiful town it is. Although our characters don’t ever leave the locale, by the end they find themselves in a different point from where they first set out.

In (real) Sorrento we wandered between the two marinas, Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, eyes widening at the waterside views and fisherman’s nets. There were early morning blues, the sun dancing off the water’s bounce and sway. At dusk, we joined the crowd that gathered to watch the sunset from a camera’s viewfinder. Everyone was eager to freeze the moment.

Two years from now, I doubt that I will remember that perfectly-charred pizza crust or even missing the train in Rome.  Rather, I’ll fondly recall how each photo opp, conversation, and endearing diminutive slowly buoyed us along to something faint and exciting.

Sorrento was a tangible middle ground between the US and Spain,  work and vacation. It was wonderful respite from future paperwork and all-too-recent  papeleo. It marked the shift between ticking single and married, both literally and mentally. Soon enough we would be back in Madrid, experiencing the ups and downs of daily life. But at that moment, we were simply enjoying the start of our story, anticipating the chapters to come.

Surprise art on the walk around town

A fisherman reels in his catch from Marina Grande

Siren mosaics

The view of the town from Marina Piccola

Marina Piccola at dusk

Do you have any “shift-y” trip stories to share? Where was the backdrop to your tale?

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  1. What a lovely story and how great it can be to find a respite from all that chaos! I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced something similar – my travel style is off-the-wall hectic – but it sounds lovely 🙂

    • Cassandra

      Thanks, Polly! I like the way you describe your travel style 😉

      The trip was a bit crazy to pull off; we had purchased the Italy tickets way before we knew we’d be going to the states around the same time! With 7 plane rides in 10 days, we were more than happy to relax here.

  2. I love the pastel coloured ( English spelling) buildings and the setting of the Tramontano looks amazing,Sorrento is definitely on my travel wish list.

    • Cassandra

      Thanks, Ian! Sorrento is definitely an impressive place. I would love to go back and explore more of the Amalfi Coast.

  3. Magical! And definitely a strange feeling… as I’m inking our invites, I can’t help imagining the tears the shift from novio to marido… Enjoy it!

    • Cassandra

      Thanks, dear! I hope you are enjoying these moments, too!

  4. Sounds like y’all ended up having a swell honeymoon in the end. I love your photos, and it looks like Sorrento was just as beautiful as it looked when I saw it from atop Mt. Vesuvius last year (in stark contrast from uuuuuuugly Naples, haha).

    This month will be one long trip of “shifts” as I am now jobless (the auxiliar grant has run out) and am flying back home to Dallas from Madrid at the end of the month. Can’t wait to revisit old haunts in Andalucía this weekend!

    • Cassandra

      Ohhh man, Naples. I can’t believe we left Sorrento for Napoli (more commiserating/ranting in an upcoming blog post, haha).

      And wow, yes, this is definitely a month of transitions for you! That’s awesome that you get to pack several Andalusian adventures into this last month. I look forward to following along, Trevor!

  5. Cassandra, congratulations!!! : ) It sounds like you guys have had quite the eventful spring, wow! Wishing you a tranquil and happy summer with your new marido : )

    • Cassandra

      Mil gracias, Katherine! Thanks so much for the congrats–I wish the same for you guys!!

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