Spring Break Highlights

The boring but important stuff–studying/reading/writing

As I write this, the sun is eerily bright. Daylight saving’s time snuck up on us yesterday, and neither my body nor my mind can reconcile the fact that there is this much light at 7:30 p.m. Another thing I can’t reconcile? The fact that spring break is over! Below you’ll find some of the highlights of my time.

Paseo por Retiro

This photo is deceptive–there isn’t a lot of life springing up just yet. Also, you will note a lack of portraits as the wind made any facial captures wildly hair-blown.

In with the new…

The ever-intriguing modern art in Retiro’s Palacio de Cristal is at it again. When my brother came, there was a ceiling-high sculpture of plastic lawn furniture. (I use “sculpture” generously.)

Templo de Debod time

This place never gets old. I love how the stone seems to change depending on the weather around and the sky above it.

Returing to old favorites

 Baco y Beto is a wine bar/restaurant I have loved ever since my first year in Madrid. If you go, make sure to get the setas (wild mushrooms) with truffled alioli.


Getting to spend time with Andres was definitely a highlight; with our busy rush of class and work, it’s harder to carve out time for goofing off,  window shopping, and challenging each other to rounds of Bananagrams. (And in which language, you ask?)

Touristy towers?

While attempting to visit  the David Hockney exhibit  at the Fundación Canal, I snapped this picture of the Torres KIO. Since I almost never venture into this part of the city, I certainly felt like a tourist again–in a positive, adventurous way!

Visiting El Matadero

Stay tuned for a post to this intriguing space, a slaughterhouse turned art gallery!

Browsing Ilustrarte 2012

Ilustrarte, one of the most interactive art exhibits I’ve seen since a visit to the Guggenheim, inspires sweet (day)dreams with its massive night stand + lamp set-up. Ilustrarte is a jurried show–1,585 artists from around the globe submitted work this year! Of those, 50 artists were chosen to take part in the traveling exhibit. I found several new artists I want to look up again. The exhibit just came to Madrid, so if you’re in town you have until September 29th to check it out.

Interactive art

I saw a family of three generations smiling together over these pieces.

What’s inside?

 So, guys, I look forward to reading about all of your travels and being struck with travel envy. At the same time, I proud of what I accomplished this week here in Madrid, both school-wise and city-wise. Now, back to the grindstone…

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  1. Looks like you had a great time, sometimes the best breaks are when you stay in your own city and explore places you’ve never seen. I did that for Christmas, and got to know Sevilla a whole lot better 🙂

    • Cassandra

      @ Elizabeth – Yay for the occasional staycation! I was surprised at how many things there still were on my Madrid to-do list; there are so many exhibits and temporary happenings that I could have seen/done more if I´d had more time!

      @ Dan – Very true! It´s lucky that we´re able to repeat experiences in Madrid when it is more often a city visitors only get to experience for a few days.

  2. Sometimes not leaving Madrid is just a thing that happens. There’s always some new thing to find here, and with time off it’s possible to break the routines of barrio life. Any time I find or do something cool while traveling, I cannot do it again unless I return to the place with that intention. When we stumble upon cool new things in Madrid at least there is the possibility of returning frequently

  3. Nicole

    Looks like you had a great time!

    I’m drooling over the food photo! Are those fried setas? They look delicious. I’m putting that place on my “to-eat” list for this weekend! Thanks for the rec!

  4. Cassandra

    Yes, the setas are super-deliciosas! The restaurante is small, though, so you might want to go early if you want to snag a table. Que disfrutes!

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