Semana Santa

Do you know what this photo represents, dear readers? This regular-looking cup of coffee heralds the arrival of Semana Santa (Spring Break). It hums of lazy mornings, the rediscovery of place, of a slower pace. Of morning strolls and park dates and March sun and of finally going to that museum I’ve spent two springs promising myself I would visit. Of breaking out the camera and taking pictures again. Of seeing tourists pour into the city, mesmerized, and marveling to myself, “I am so lucky to live here!

Goofing around at Templo de Debod

Majestic Museo Cerralbo

Tourist time

Easter decorations, ready for parades

Torrijas at La Mallorquina–typical Easter fare

Graffiti in Parque del Oeste / Almudena Cathedral in the background

Spring break / Semana Santa / Holy Week–what are your plans?

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  1. Ha, for me it means getting the hell out of Seville! Sending besos from Dubrovnik!

  2. Cassandra

    Oh, fun! For my masters program we had to take part in an unknown languages class– 50 minutes of immersion in Farsi, and another 50 minutes in Croatian!! Enjoy 🙂

  3. I agree with Cat, Semana Santa is beautiful here, but there are sooooooo many people! I with be happy to curl up with my book on the porch of a condo in Mijas with my dad. Mucho más apacible .

    • Cassandra

      I did a quick Google search of Mijas–it looks so cute! Enjoy your reading and your visitor 🙂

  4. For me, it means RAIN! Why does it always, always, always rain during SS? I am going to be forced to go to the processions and wait for hours while they are almost suspended and then not and then finally canceled. It happens every year … 🙂 Don’t I sound cheerful?

    • Cassandra

      I hear ya! Today in Madrid has been drizzly…just like yesterday! We went to the Thyssen today, but we can’t stay in museums forever… :/ Good luck with the rainy processiones!!

  5. La Mallorquina always brings to mind the warmest and richest memories. Lovely, lovely, lovely….

    • Cassandra

      We’ll go when you visit, I’m sure! This place is as hoppin’ as ever–no way it’s going to go under before you come back to Spain 🙂

  6. watching processions, trying to avoid the rain, applying for jobs and finishing my plaster penitente collection – a nice mixture of festive and mundane! Judging from your photos, Madrid actually looks sunnier than Andalucia for once! 🙂

  7. Gorgeous pictures, Cassandra! So much detail and yet so much simplicity at the same time. You have a good eye! : )

  8. Cassandra

    @Izzi – Plaster penitente collection, you say?! Sounds very much like Semana Santa, I hope we see photos soon !

    @Katherine – Aw, shucks! Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂

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