You Know It’s Summer in Madrid When…

You know it’s summer in Madrid when…

The city council recommends that no one go outside between of the hours of 12 and 6 p.m.

summer in madrid

Because you never have to leave the house during the day. Nope. Never.

You blow the money from a week’s worth of private lessons in only one day. (Yay for two whole hours of class!)


Money for cañas, tinto de verano, and other cold drinks gets rerouted to the “Absolutely Necessary” column of your monthly budget.

summer in madrid

This ginormous cup, my friends, is what’s known as a “mini”

You don’t dare leave the house without a bottle of water (and a hair tie).


You find excuses to go to the bank, the supermarket, anywhere to spend some quality time with the AC.


Depending on the neighborhood, you notice either a mass exodus of locals or an influx of tourists.

summer in madrid

If you’re lucky, your ‘rents will number among the visitors

You spend the day lugging the sole fan in your apartment from room to room.

You don’t remember where you stored your umbrella because it’s been months since you needed it.


All of your favorite restaurants are closed when you have August visitors (and you’re even willing to bend the requirements for “fav” here).


You find a daily reason to visit the fruteria just to pick up more picota cherries.

summer in madrid
Summer in Madrid is incomplete without picotas

You sync your morning jog with the park sprinkler system.


You become acutely jealous of Spanish friends with a mountain home or a pueblo in the north.

summer in madrid

If you have a home near, say, La Pedriza, let’s have a picnic


Depending on the time of day–and the amount of shade–terrazas either sound like the best or the worst idea ever.

When you pass through Salamanca (or Calle Princesa, etc), there are so many rebajas shopping bags that you wonder if Spain is climbing out of the crisis or sinking further into it.

summer in madrid

Rebajas = sales

You find yourself shaking your fist when the metro station you need is smack-dab in the middle of obras.


You wonder how you survived the previous summers.

The #1 reason students cancel class becomes “It’s too hot to study English.”


Cold dishes suddenly sound the most appealing.

summer in madrid

Cue salmorejo, sushi, ceviche, salads…anything cold

You can’t fix the broken persianas (blinds) in your bedroom because the only repairman your landlady trusts is on vacation for two more weeks. (Thus ensuring that your room gets zero air flow at night. This also means you have working windows in ONE–count ‘em, ONE–room in your entire apartment.*)



What defines summer where you live?