It’s no secret that I love Northern Spain. Thanks to low-priced airline tickets, April saw me visiting Santander, a coastal city I had visited oh-so briefly in October. I was enchanted by the idea of getting to know the region of Cantabria better, and, with classy Santander as our base, Kara and I did just that. Lucky lucky girls we are–how often does one get to travel multiple times to a foreign place one loves? If you come through this neck of the woods (er, coast?), you could follow in our footsteps by:

Plucking pintxos from the bar, any bar

Taking  a ferry out to a nearby beach town

Getting toasty under the Cantabrian sun (*not recommended, but still possible)

Catching a funicular uptown for a bird’s-eye view

Snagging a room with a view

Watching the city at dusk…

…and at night

…and, finally, in the wee hours of the morning.