Tapeando por Madrid

Unlike those in León, Madrid’s tapas are not free. This makes the ordering process slightly trickier, because you are not simply handed a nibble or two. It took me a while to get the hang of ordering food in Madrid, but now I feel comfortable around a tapas menu. To clarify–if you go to a bar and want a bite to eat, there are two choices: a) the TAPA, which is usually something quite small [read: olives. potato chips. peanuts.] or b) the RACIÓN, a larger portion ideal for sharing.

In no particular order, here are my recommendations for tapeando in Madrid:


Calle Madera, 37  / Metro: Tribunal

What everyone is having: una ración de croquetas. You’ll get the whole gamut of croquette glory – ham, mushroom, spinach and raisin, picadillo…heck, I can’t even remember all the options.

You’ll find yourself here: before a night out, Saturday or not.


Cava de San Miguel, 17 / Metro: Sol, Tirso de Molina

Politely request: una ración de champiñones, or sautéed mushrooms.

Best place to: break up the ham-onotony.


Calle Pez, 16 / Metro: Noviciado

Ripe for the pickingMigas, a dish based on breadcrumbs and topped with chorizo, grapes, and radishes.

Come here to savor: the comfort food you didn’t know you missed.


Trujillos, 4  / Metro: Opera, Callao

Another “casa,” you ask?

Wash down a bottle of cider with: random tapas and a bollo preñao (a soft roll literally “impregnated” with cider-soaked sausage).

Stand and deliver: there’s no room to sit, but the bell-cow ambiance can’t be beat.

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  1. Kay Maize

    We recognized and like three of the four you showcased. Sure enjoyed them and am missing them. Maybe we’ll get to hit them up again in April.

    • Cassandra

      You’re right! In fact, the picture of the mushrooms was taken the first day you and Paul visited.

  2. I was at quite a few bars in Madrid where tapas were free,or did i leave without paying 🙁

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