Travel partners beware–I’m a museum person. What springs from a love of reading manifests itself in the lingering over facts and images while on vacation. Thus, when given to chance to visit the Norsk Folkemuseum in Oslo, I was all ears. Especially after I heard that this museum has an edge on something many others can’t boast–the fact that it is outdoors.

According to the website, the museum is comprised of 155 different buildings. You can wander in an out of these fascinating replicas, making this hands-on museum perfect for curious kids and adults alike. While they supposedly employ 120 workers, I have a feeling that our low-season visit didn’t warrant nearly this many. Even though our timing meant that some of the exhibits were closed, we still had an enlightening visit. Besides the outdoor museum, there are also inside exhibits. We saw everything from old sleds to colorful handicrafts. My favorite in this part of the museum was the information and artifacts pertaining to the Sami, the indigenous people of Norway.

Added perk: Arriving at the The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History is an event in itself, as you take a ferry to reach the museum!


Many of the houses are laid out such a way that visitors feel they are wandering through an actual village.

This reenactor made bread that you could try on the premises