Coming from a landlocked region where seafood most often means fried catfish or canned tuna, Galicia offered a variety of squishy creatures worthy of mention. One thing I saw on many menus were berberechos, which in English translates to “cockles.” While this creature didn’t exactly warm my heart, I kept trying all the exotic seafood I could and came across some genuinely interesting combinations. I had codfish with raisins, squid with potatoes, two types of tuna (and nary a one from a can!)… Here are some more photos that are rather on the fishy side:

Ventresca, white tuna belly, served cold with sauteed onions, peppers, and olives

Cafe con leche pairs well with tarta de Santiago, a dense cake made of almonds

Vieira, or scallop, in a tomato sauce. This was by far the priciest bite, but who could deny such aesthetic appeal?

Empanada de zumbariña, a savory pie made with another type of scallop

Pastry filled with almond cream

My absolute favorite – pulpo! This is boiled octopus sprinkled with paprika.

New friend Beatriz shows off the twisted side of pulpo.


This is what the typical Tarta de Santiago looks like. With a polar bear. Hey, don’t polar bears eat fish? That must be why this one is in Galicia…