The Pink City


Interior of the Capitole, a building which flanks Toulouse’s main square

I suppose a disappointing trip was overdue after all the smooth sailing I’d recently enjoyed. But Toulouse, with its strike, certainly put an end to that good run. And when it rains, it pours:  the one museum I wanted to see was closed, the main square was overtaken by construction, and the language barrier called for the point-‘n-grunt method. In fact, it was actually rainy, something I couldn’t say for sunny London.  (The irony was not lost on moi.)

In between downpours, here were my Toulouse discoveries:

Pastel buildings

Indoor/outdoor market

Canals full of joggers

A different canal, this one near the train station

Shutter-happy streets

More pink

Basilique St-Sernin

Carousel in Place Wilson, a square named for President Woodrow Wilson

Achingly cute shops

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