Toledo To-Do List

1) Look pensively into the distance

2) Gaze up at ancient art

3) Modernize art

4) Try marzipan

5) Mingle with the locals

6) Demand carcamusa

(a stew-like dish made with veal, peas, and chorizo in a tomato sauce)

7) Act a little silly

8 ) Pay homage to El Greco

9 ) Seek out the picturesque

10) Take a final look around

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  1. I’m beyond impressed with all your posts! I hadn’t read through them in a while…you’ve even kept up with a visitor in tow 🙂 Loved the photos as usual and the great commentary to go with them!!

    Seeing your blog again just reminds me that I haven’t updated mine in probably 2 months…yikes…now I know what I have to add to my to-do list! haha

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