Sweet on Toledo

Toledo’s Puerta del Sol

Ah, Toledo. The thing I like most about Toledo is that, while it is bursting with art and history and marzipan castles, there is no pressure to see this or see that. The best part of the city comes from wandering through curvy alleyways, poking your head into curious shops full of swords, and surveying the Castilian plain from a hilltop perch.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that we had previously fueled up at Mamá Framboise, a French bakery and my favorite place to breakfast in Madrid!

For their second full day in Spain, the ‘rents and I decided to day trip to Toledo. With no itinerary in mind, we arrived mid-day and wandered through the city, letting fate steer us where it may.

Pausing from our walk to take in the landscape

We did visit Toledo’s Jewish musuem and saw this awe-inspiring synagogue

Another shot of the synagogue, with beautiful tapestries and artwork

For lunch, we shared salad, seafood paella, and carcamusa, a typical stew of Toledo

Sharing a joke with Cervantes

As tends to happen when traveling, the best experiences are not captured in photos. We had a spectacularly vibrant waiter at the restaurant, who became excited and animated when dad mentioned that he had watched the Tour de France through their window before coming in. The waiter/owner became our instant buddy, regaling us with stories of a Toledian Tour de France winner, then whisking us off for a private tour of the restaurant’s wine cellar after our meal. He also poured us sips of crema de mazapán and offered us slices of turrón and other desserts that were typical of the city. It was literally a sweet note on which to end our Toledo adventures.

Strolling through the main square

Toledo from above

Adiós, Toledo!

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  1. Your parents are so cute! So excited to be visiting their daughter in Espana. I love Toledo, despite getting hopelessly lost each time I go there. The city is such a labyrinth with those twisty, narrow alleyways!

  2. Cassandra

    Thank you, they are cute, aren’t they?

    Yes, Toledo is definitely a labyrinth! Even with a map it always takes me a while to orient myself on the smaller streets.

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