Toto, we’re not in Francia anymore

When the sun came out, it shown on the various green spaces scattered around Toulouse. Where the old town met the new, nearly hidden by business suits and briefcases, I spied a sign for the Caffarelli park.

The dragon was the first hint that this park was out of the ordinary. Looping around the rain-induced sludge, I crested a hill and came upon a view which evoked the orient. Later I discovered that this particular section of the park, which includes a tea pavilion and plenty of exotic plants, was created in the early 1980s in a spot that previously housed military barracks.  The area’s serene beauty must stand in stark contrast to what originally ruled this ground.


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  1. What an unusual thing to find in France! The park is very lovely..and more pink!

  2. Cassandra

    Ha, I hadn´t even thought about the pink connection…!

  3. that bridge is pretty adorable.

  4. Cassandra

    It is, isn’t it? The candy-colored contrast made me think of a movie set.

  5. Oh, your pictures are gorgeous!! This garden in Toulouse reminds me of the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco a bit! I have a student who lives in Toulouse every summer, and only has wonderful things to say about it, he loves it there so much. I’d love to visit and discover more of France someday.

  6. Cassandra

    Thanks, Michi! I bet this city is beautiful in the summer. I saw that you were recently in Paris–hope you get the chance to explore southern France–and more of the country–someday soon.

  7. Oh you discovered the Japanese tea gardens in Toulouse! I remember visiting this park with a class when I studied abroad in Toulouse. We were studying Asia-Europe relations and the professor wanted us to see it. Like Michi said, these are a lot like the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco (which I’ve also been to), but on a smaller scale.

    • Cassandra

      Interesting! Did you find out why exactly the gardens were there…?

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