Trujillo night shots

This ciudad extremeña was beautiful after dark, and eerily empty of passers-by.

We capture the castle (well, at least until two guys parked their car thisclose to us and blasted some tunes)

Another sunset shot

Trailing the castle

This was a large square surrounding a church

Twinkling lights

Hmm, is anyone asleep in there?

Check out that nightlife!

Night paseos

One lone customer

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  1. Trujillo has been on my want to visit for ages, your photos have just made it jump the list. Looks as good as I imagined.

  2. Cassandra

    Aw, thanks Rachel 🙂 Hope you can make it there soon!

  3. so pretty!! love the lit up wall!

  4. Cassandra

    Thanks Nicole!

  5. I’ve had Trujillo on my list for years now, too…and I hope that doggie follows me everywhere!

  6. Cassandra

    You’ve only got to leave a trail of almendras garrapiñadas and he’ll follow you, I’m sure!

  7. Alison

    That dog picture is so great! I wish I would have stopped to take one.

  8. I’d never even heard of Trujillo (oops), but this looks amazing. Seriously, you have been going to so many cool places lately!

  9. Cassandra

    @ Alison – Yes, the dog was pretty cute!

    @ Jessica – Aw, thanks! I love how Spain has so much to be discovered 🙂

  10. I spent the day in Trujillo just a little over a year ago. While the nightlife may be on the non-existent side, the castle, Plaza Mayor, and just overall cuteness definitely make up for the lack of discotecas.

    • Cassandra

      Oh, I don’t want you to think that I was writing Trujillo off for its lack of nightlife!! The peacefulness and fresh air was just what we need to unwind after several months in Madrid 🙂

  11. Oh I didn’t think you were bashing Trujillo hahaha. But I thought the picture of the empty Plaza Mayor and your caption was really funny! I spent both nights in Merida while I was traveling around Extremadura and it was just slightly more alive there. It seemed like the whole town went to the same two restaurants in the downtown area!

  12. Cassandra

    Haha, we also went to those same restaurants twice during 24 hours in Merida!! Talk about local legends 😉

  13. ‘One Lone Customer’ must be the best picture I’ve seen today, Cassandra.

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