Twilight Toledo

Toledo, Spain’s former capital, is famous for its marzipan, swords, and winding cobblestone streets. I had wandered these tiny streets a few times, but had never been there after dark. On a trip there this weekend, however, Andres and I arrived mid-day with a plan to enjoy the city at dusk.

Toledo proved an ideal city to visit at night; the Christmas lights were beginning to flicker on, and the descent from the old town to the bus station showed a vivid new side of the cityscape.

The city hall, hung with a “Feliz navidad” sign

The cathedral lights came on promptly at 6

Tourists, tourists, and more tourists–did all of the Madrid visitors follow our lead?!

Walking to the main square

Plaza de Zocodover, the place to see and be seen

Starting our walk down the hill to the bus station

The city at night

Adiós, Toledo

This popular day-trip is easy to make from Madrid. With only 45 minutes separating you from the (new) Spanish capital, why not plan a twilight trip to Toledo?

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  1. Toledo is stunning. I remember taking a brief trip there with some friends when I was living in Madrid. I’ve only seen it at night time and it was very picturesque. Those are fantastic photos by the way, it’s making me want to pay another visit 😀

    • Cassandra

      Thanks, Denny!

      I saw that you’re headed back to Spain in 2013–are those plans still in the works?

  2. Hi Cassandra

    Yes. That’s right. I’ll be heading there early next year. Can’t wait!

  3. Looks stunning. Toledo is one of those cities ‘everyone’ talks about being so beautiful and I never got around to visiting (yet). Maybe I should make it a daytrip next time I visit Madrid since it’s so close!

    • Cassandra

      You should definitely visit! It’s really easy to travel to Toledo from Madrid, you should consider it 🙂

  4. Hi there! Thanks for your visit to my pix in Florence. I need to update my comment section, so that commenters can see that I have replied to their comment. Anywhooo. Europe is so beautiful for Christmas. Will you be in EU for the holidays? I’m staying here, no Miami for me! 🙂

    • Cassandra

      Ah, I thought you might be heading back to warmer shores since you mentioned how cold it was in Florence. I agree, Europe is beautiful this time of year. I´ll be staying in Madrid, as well–it´s fun to go back but also a nightmare with all of the frazzled holiday travelers :/

  5. Of course I love Toledo, having studied abroad there in 2008. But objectively, it’s just a really lovely town.

  6. These are so, so pretty! I’m desperate to go to Toledo….hopefully I can get there in the new year!

  7. I was only in Toledo once, and I remember eating (a lot!), the sword-making places, and the spectacular views. I don’t think I was able to stay for the evening, but hopefully I’ll have another chance soon. 🙂

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