If you have the chance, travel to the Majorcan valley town of Valldemossa. It’s a gorgeous village encircled by sloping hills that you can hike around if you wish. When I visited mid-July, a festival was in full-swing. Check out this pretty little place!

The toursty city was decked out for its summer festivities with fluttering streamers

That’s not to say that green-thumbed residents don’t take a perennial pride in the presentation of their casas

Veering from the heart of the city center rewarded us with this view

Speaking of views, this was someone’s driveway… !

My friend and I had a great time exploring the terrain

We wound our way back to town via a mountain bike trail

Once back in the village, we sat a cafe and tried the local treat, a yeasty roll called “coca de patata” to round out our Valldemossa experience

Then, it was back to Palma!