Vuelta al Cole

It’s back to school for me today! Time to celebrate with a post.

Me, according to one of my students. I obviously struck fear into the hearts of kids at IES Gomez-Moreno last year.

Some facts about English in Spanish schools:

…99% of Spanish primary-school students study English

…95% of Spaniards in their last years of high school also study English

…around Spain, English is the most-studied foreign language in both primary and secondary schools (French comes in second, in case you were curious).


Now, I’m off to the metro! Round 2, here we go.

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  1. Mucha suerte en este nuevo curso!!!! muy bueno el dibujo!!! 🙂

  2. Cassandra

    Somos dos gotas de agua, verdad?

    Y–muchas gracias, a ver que pasa..!

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