On Christmas Eve, Kara and I streched our tour guide legs, as her parents are in Spain for the first time. After dropping their stuff off and resting a bit, we took them for their first paseo around Madrid. First we looped up Gran Vía, strolled to the Puerta del Sol, took pictures by the oso and the madroño tree, had café con leche at La Mallorquina, and gawked at ham hocks at El Museo de Jamón. Then, we saw the Christmas market in Plaza Mayor, walked around Mercado San Miguel, tried sautéed mushrooms, encircled the Royal Palace, and came home to rest. Whew! Here’s our day in pictures:

The H&M on Gran Via 37 is housed within an old theater. The branch of this clothing chain has stained glass windows, marble stairs, and chandeliers.

What’s up next up? Four café con leches at La Mallorquina, por favor.

And this would be Santa. With wine. And ham. Museo del Jamón.

Kara and her parents check out the Christmas market in the Plaza Mayor.

And I wondered if I would ever have the chance to use the word for carousel. Tiovivo, Plaza Mayor.

Mushrooms with chorizo and white wine at the Mesón del Champiñón (Located at Cava de San Miguel # 17 for all you other TAs out there!)

The Plaza Mayor at night.

Christmas Eve dinner at our apartment!